What To Expect

We are working hard to help make your business a success!

24 Hours

Splash Page & First Trigger

Within 24 hours of signing up, our team is quickly at work for you. We will create a splash page and a first trigger to get you up and running!

48 Hours

Digital Menu *

Our team is making a digital menu of your restaurant that is available on the MenuThat page. Complete item descriptions and prices will be posted for clients to view online or on the MenuThat app.

7-10 Days

Second Trigger

Our graphics department will be in contact with you to create a completely unique trigger campaign suitable for your specific needs.

30 Days

Photographer *

Our team will schedule an appointment for one of our professional photographers to come out to your restaurant and photograph your menu to be available on the MenuThat app.

2 Months

Beacon Marketing

Your business will be provided with an advance Beacon interface that will increase your customer base further. Anyone on an Android device or who has Google Chrome installed on their phone will receive a notification from your establishment.

6 Months

Menu Is Live

Your complete photo menu will be live on the MenuThat phone app.  The MenuThat app will completely revolutionize the restaurant industry! People will view your complete menu with photos. They can also pay from the app, interact with your waitstaff and post to their social media accounts, all building value for your business!

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* for establishments that require a photo menu such as restaurants & cafes. If a photo menu is not required, all other services will be provided.

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