Customers’ Expectations from Loyalty Programs


These days, patrons enjoy several benefits from loyalty programs. The aim of a loyalty program is to bring in more customers, retain them, and upsurge their value with the brand.

Being a business owner, you must ascertain the expectations of your clients, and successfully satisfy their needs to build a reliable company value.

Let’s have a look at the expectations your patrons would have from your programs:

1) Financial benefit:
The main reason customers enroll in loyalty programs is to benefit financially. It should give them a chance to gain some profit from supporting your business.

• An outstanding way to ensure this is through a “points program”.
• Provide customers with points which they can eventually cash in for discounts on their purchases.
• It makes for an influential swapping cost, that boosts retention.

2) Option to Pick Their Own Rewards:
The best part of joining a loyalty program is having the option to choose a reward. Therefore, it is vital to recognize what motivates your clients.

Keep in mind, it is difficult to inspire all buyers with the same reward. Having a variety of rewards to choose from will help you retain customers from various demographics.

By allowing your patrons to redeem their points on small and large rewards, you ensure their satisfaction with your product and service offerings, as well as entice them to return to your business.

Providing a simple method for clients to earn and redeem points creates a favorable rewarding experience for them.

3) A Positive Experience:
Buyers expect a polished, beautiful brand experience every time they make a purchase. It is important that your loyalty programs are custom-made and on-brand.

• Create a beautiful and cohesive brand experience by naming your program.
• The name should induce an emotional bond between your brand and patrons.
• You should innovatively establish reward tiers and incorporate your brand icons for different levels.

Your loyalty programs should enable customers to redeem or check-in the rewards through additional ways, such as a registered phone number.

Your patrons expect a hassle-free membership program, with limited maintenance. This guarantees their loyalty towards your business, establishes a solid brand image and in turn, helps in increasing clientele.

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