Importance of Digital Signage in COVID-19

Digital Signage - Easy to Use

COVID-19 has majorly disrupted business operations. Since its initiation, digital signage has been an important tool for communicating essential information and is perfect during COVID-19. Digital signage can provide direct information on the latest health guidelines and safety tips for both customers and employees.

Better hardware. 

Big screens would be able to support a better device. The new device would be strong and better secured. The new mini and micro-LED displays would provide digital signage with higher resolution screens. The better the resolution, the more successful the sign will be in capturing your audience’s attention.

More widespread usage in COVID

With the massive success over the past several years, more and more industries are starting to implement digital signage within their businesses.

In 2019 alone:

  • 54% of restaurants used or plan to expand their signage.
  • 40% of retailers planned to use signage in the future.
  • 63% of banks already use or plan to implement signage in the future.

As costs drop and innovations become more powerful, it’s expected that even more businesses across multiple industries will start to use signage for their in-house advertising needs.

Strengthened analytics from Digital Signage

Some new displays also provide sensors that can provide data on how many individuals move through the show. Business owners can assess the most beneficial locations. They can position their signage by knowing how many people will probably see it. Artificial intelligence is an exciting development for digital signage. Near-future digital signs could detect what someone is watching. Marketers can use data to craft displays that meet the exact needs of their customers.

Lower cost Digital Signage

When new technology is released, older technology becomes less expensive to produce. Today, many larger businesses can afford to implement rich, high-cost signages. In contrast, small businesses don’t have enough funds to implement expensive signages. As production costs drop, smaller businesses will implement digital signage.

Takeaways: 2020 digital signage & Covid

It’s obvious, moving into the new decade, that digital signage is not going anywhere. The industry is on the rise. There is the continuous deployment of New technologies and applications. Interactive digital signage will lead the charge with its potential to get attention in COVID. It will improve customer engagement, provide stronger analytics and provide a better customer experience, such as touchscreens and interactive apps.

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