Reach your customers within minutes. The text message marketing solution is a simple and inexpensive way for restaurants to increase subscribers, customer loyalty, and revenue. Reward your customers with discounts on menu items and let them know about specials you are currently offering.


It’s 2020 and the market is changing every day in terms of technology. Salons owners do very well utilizing SMS messaging for their benefit. The majority of clients at salons and spas are repeat customers. So opening the door for them to opt in to receive SMS messages about the latest sale, specials or service can increase sales for the salon.

Upsell seasonal facials, massages or manicure services that can be instantly communicated via SMS messages.


Missed appointments and forgotten medications will be a thing of the past. Nento’s automated service is an ideal way to reach out to patients with appointment or prescription reminders. Doctors and dentists both find the appointment reminder feature extremely helpful in maintaining a very tight schedule.


Thanks to its unavoidable nature, SMS marketing promotions are perfectly suited to the retail market. Reach your customers with just one click! Marketing in the retail sector requires massive campaigns of direct mail, email or inserts to be effective. This makes SMS message marketing a phenomenal tool and a convenient and effective way to get a message to consumers.

Real Estate Agents

Realtors may have experienced a major shift in the last decade. Now, clients buy houses in a different way, in most cases they start with online market research.

For top-rated realtors, digital marketing has come to the front line of their marketing efforts. From generating new leads to accomplishing successful sales, the real estate industry is now reliant on digital marketing.


The automotive industry has a long history — and not just in terms of technology. Just at the beginning of the 21st century, people would typically go around town trying to find the right model at the right price. Nowadays, the customer journey has become much less physical and has gone online. Questions about product affordability, suitability, and ranking are increasingly being resolved on the Internet.


Let’s be honest. Students and parents at your school are always on their smartphone and tablets. Our easy-to-use text marketing platform will allow you to keep consistent communication with all of them.


One of the most competitive businesses out there. Gym owners face a hard time to get customers coming back to their facility to work out. Well, with our easy-to-use text marketing, that problem will quickly become a thing of the past.