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Nento offers Smart WIFI, which acts as your marketing manager. It contains all the data, information, analytics, charts, and percentages regarding your customers.

Digital Signage

Signage is a tool to display various information such as customer reviews, menus, active offers for the day, and much more. This keeps your customers well informed regarding what your business has to offer.

Automated SMS Marketing

The digital waiver enables your customers to sign a waiver form in less than 5 seconds. It also allows you to collect more information about your customers digitally.

Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program is especially targeted towards the customers that frequent your establishment. You can build a healthy and productive relationship with your customers by acknowledging their presence.

Restaurant Takeout App

Encouraging customers to order with an easy-to-use takeout app with Nento. The Restaurant Takeout App makes the ordering process easier for your customers. Get more orders with a Takeout App today!

Menu Online

Showcase your menu digitally with our Contactless Menu. Menu Online provides features to update your menus and images of the dishes offered by your eatery easily in real-time. Switch your paper menu to Nento Menu Online today!

Nento Marketing Hub System

Various Ways to Engage & Increase Your Customers Strategically

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Smart WIFI - Plug & Play

Is your WIFI making you money? Are you able to collect data with your current WIFI? Nento offers Smart WIFI, which acts as your marketing manager. It contains all the data, information, analytics, charts , and percentages about your customers.

Custom Splash Page Builder
Guest Analytics
Repeat Guest Analytics
Bulk SMS Promotion
Smart Router with Preloaded Firmware
Easy to Understand Web Portal
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Digital Signage - Plug & Play

Content Management
Gentle & Regular Messages
Increase Sales Through Offers
Change Your Offer with Just a Few Clicks
Controll all your screens with a single user. Add, delete, or change any content immediately!
Plug in and play hardware with professionally designed predefined templates!
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Restaurant Takeout App

Bring your food online to your customers with Nento's Takeout App. Nento is here to provide a safe and efficient transaction for all restaurant owners.

Easy & User Friendly
Flexible Payment Options
Save Money with Nento's "No Commission" Takeout App
Decrease Staff Serving Time
Control Your Menu with a Customizable System
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Menu Online (Contactless Menu)

The smart way to display your restaurant menu; Touch-Free, safe & at no extra cost! Connect your customers to your Menu Online within seconds using our Smart WIFI or Personalized QR Codes.

Easy Usage
Safe & Hygenic
Increase Sales Through Online Ordering
Change Your Items with Just a Few Clicks
Control all of your content. Add, delete, or change any content immediately
Build Customer Data
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Reputation Management (Real-Time)

Do you really know what customers think about your business? Reputation management is a robust feature of the Nento Marketing Hub. It helps you receive important reviews from your customers.

Real-Time Rating
Data Collection
Automated Marketing
Customized Review Forms
Deep Analytics by Day, Month, and Year
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Loyalty Program

Have your customers continuously returning to your establishment with our easy to use Loyalty Program without the need of an App. The way it works: The customer accepts the terms & conditions and enters their phone number.

Customer Rewards
Attract Repeat Customers
Customer Analytics
Automated Promotion Messages
Ability to Create Multiple Locations with Analytic Reports
Build Multiple Loyalty Programs According to Your Needs
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Automated SMS Marketing

Send automated messages to your subscribers on a preset schedule after they subscribe, such as email auto-responders. Automatically send them a message by the minute, hour, or days after they subscribe.

Easy to Use Templates
Customizable Forms
Reports at a Glance
Grow Your Database
Use Different Gadgets
Error-Free Storage
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With our “Money Back Guarantee” promise, Nento stands behind its products to produce true and positive results. This is why we are trusted by many¬† major chains and world renowned brands.

Find out how we can help you grow your customer base TODAY!


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