What is Marketing Automation System?

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software helps businesses manage marketing campaigns and transform sales leads. Companies can use automation and tracking tools to reach high volumes of sales, analyze their behaviour. They can also promote relationships through the sales funnel. The software supports email, social media, web and multi-channel marketing strategies. 

Marketing automation systems have a range of standard features, including:

Email marketing – Email marketing sends blast emails, such as advertisements and newsletters, to multiple contacts simultaneously. The contact list typically includes subscribers or individuals who have chosen to receive emails. 

Triggered email marketing – Businesses may identify particular prospective actions to cause email marketing. For example, suppose a customer purchases a product from a business. In that case, a triggered email is sent to advertise additional goods or services as a means of upselling.

Forms and landing pages – Custom forms and landing pages allow marketers to collect lead details when people sign up for an offer or download an asset from a website.

Lead Management – Customer Acquisition Management creates new customers to improve sales and business growth.

Campaign monitoring and analysis – Monitoring and analytical features help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of advertisement campaigns. Resources provide dashboards and built-in or customizable models for reporting.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system integration – Integration with a CRM solution enables marketing and sales to work together. in other words, both departments may access the appropriate prospect and consumer data to generate successful leads and turn them into customers.

B2C marketing automation

Marketing automation software smartly segments consumers based on available data. It promotes tailored customer interaction in each segment while freeing the marketing team from repetitive tasks. Here are four main processes that could benefit from marketing automation:

# 1 Multi-channel initiative

Your customers should receive personalized advertisements and updates via email, SMS, in-app messaging, and social media. This way, the chances for the deals to be noticed and remembered are better. It also helps the brand stand out in the minds of future and current customers, contributing to more loyal customers.

# 2 Welcome and Onboard Campaign

Sending welcome emails to prospective sign-ups is another means of personalized interaction. It is crucial to create a link with potential customers at the first opportunity to ensure that they do not lose interest. If we don’t, they think that you do not have enough interest in them. To connect with your new clients, you can send an onboard email outlining the steps or FAQs to help them understand how to use your product/service. In this way, you develop confidence in your relationship with customers, which will turn into customer loyalty.

# 3 Cross-selling and upselling

It’s easier to market to current customers than new ones since they already know your brand. Make this situation work to your benefit by automating cross-selling and upselling deals for your customers. 

Companies who already use marketing automation software report their main benefits, like saving time for regular marketing activities. It also improved customer interaction and a higher prospect-to-lead conversion rate. If you want to get these benefits and need assistance in designing a marketing automation plan, selecting and implementing a marketing automation appropriate tool, please feel free to contact us. Contact Nento to automate your marketing system for your business

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