Delivery and Takeout fees can be a burden on Restaurants

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Technology has enriched and impacted nearly every industry. It is difficult to imagine a part of our lives that technology has not touched. Yes, that also includes the food industry. The ongoing pandemic wiped out demand for indoor dining. Deliveries and takeout orders have been a lifeline for restaurants. But the takeout & delivery fees Can be up to 30 percent of the bill. It eats into the restaurant’s thin profit margins. 

Independent restaurant owners were vocal about the fact that some apps charge such a high commission. By using them, they are actually losing money and are worried about scams.

People were sufficiently worried about this problem that they offered to help restaurants deliver food on their own. The mayor even looked into trying to help lower fees.

These apps are likely to be even more crucial for restaurants in the coming months. Cold weather shuts down patios, and COVID-19 protocols also prohibit seating indoors for diners.

Uber Eats is a significant market player, but it’s not the only one. Last quarter, Skip the Dishes handled 23 million orders throughout Canada, almost double the pace of a year ago. Given rising demand, the company says it is also cutting some of its fees.

However, the risk can be much higher for delivery workers who have to travel and interact with people.

How to get ethical Takeout and be safe

There are always risks during a pandemic like this one, but there are also ways to mitigate those risks. Here are some current acceptable practices — both in terms of health and ethics — for getting takeout:


In-person, avoid meeting the food courier. To help limit in-person contact, several apps have added options.


Coming into contact with a surface with the virus on it, CDC says that the risk of getting the virus. That’s why it’s best to discard the packaging that comes in as quickly as possible and wash your hands immediately afterward.

FORGET not to wash your hands

Before you eat, you should always wash your hands, but now it’s incredibly important. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.

Another Delivery & Takeout fees options

The best of all options is to have your own takeout application: Nento’s Menuonline is here to help you amid the COVID. Get your own takeout app, and don’t pay any Takeout commission fees to a third party. Don’t cut your profit margins.

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