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Increase the reach of your promotion by utilizing our digital signage system. With Nento, you can manage your business products behind the scenes and seamlessly present in front of your customers on the big screen.

Fully Editable Menu Boards Built to Impress Anyone!

With Nento’s Signage's Web Console, you can access the most appealing, trendiest, & eye-catching digital board templates. Simply choose one and begin editing the pricing, menu item names & images, before publishing them onto your TV screen(s).

If you are in need of any design for your brand, simple or complicated, our professional team of design experts is available to assist you.

Every month, we add hundreds of templates to the main library from our end. They are divided into different categories, making it simple to navigate.

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Variety of Industries Nento Covers…

Our Digital Menu Board Template Editor is feasible enough to work with any type of business. By categorizing the templates for our users as per their business niche, has made Nento stand out amongst the competition.

There are some templates that are only utilized for certain types of businesses and are identified as such. These templates are also available within our editor. We have built our system in a manner that the business owner has complete freedom customizing the templates in order to create exactly what they have in mind.

Nento has countless templates for various industries as mentioned below:

  • Hospitals
  • Salons
  • Transportation
  • Restaurants
  • Theatres
  • Showrooms
  • Corporate Spaces
  • Sports Arenas
  • Mall Signage Boards
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Time is Money! Edit & Publish Within Minutes!

The digital menu board can easily be edited; the item names, prices, and the short descriptions within the Nento platform.

Have a separate menu for each day? Nento has created a cloud based system that can be easily managed. Simply choose a template and publish it as deemed fit.

Simple Plug-&-Play Solution

Quick Edits/Updates

2200+ FREE & Customizable Templates

Numerous Predefined Formatting Options

Compatible with the Most Affordable Android Devices

Ability for ALL Screens to be Updated Simultaneously

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Millions of Stock Images!

There are countless stock images available at NO COST within the nento platform.

Hiring a professional photographer to capture images for use in menu design may not be the most cost-effective option for everyone. Nento has readily provided high-quality and useful stock images organized seamlessly.

By simply choosing one of these images, one can go on to create their own unique template. Nento also provides the freedom of using one’s own images if necessary; such as images of:

  • Foods/Hospitals/Salons/Sports/
  • Shapes
  • Backgrounds
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Why Digital Signage?

  • 30% of customers state that Digital Signages influenced their purchasing decision

  • 66% of customers report that Digital Signage catch their attention

  • 60% of upsells are made from the point of purchase

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Key Perks

1 With a single click, templates can be published on all screens, making it easy to get started with digital signage.

2 The templates are easy to edit and customizable to fit any specific need.

3 Time saving ability with 2200+ ready-made templates.

4 The ability to create an attention-grabbing look for any business with countless stock images.

5 Utilizing the advanced editor on the Nento platform instead of traditional signage methods is a huge money-saving option.

6 The ability to play multiple templates within a single screen at the same time.

Adavanced Features

Thousands of Templates

With our pre-built templates, one can simply pick a template that appeals to their business and adapt it according to their preference. The information can be readily glamorized by editing the templates as needed.

Change the Font Style

This is a function that will undoubtedly elevate the look of any menu. One can quickly modify the style of the font without any scripting. Simply utilize the formatting from the provided options and you’re ready to go.

Customize Icons or Logos

Our hassle-free icon editor can easily change the color of any icon or logo to match the menu.

Drag & Drop Media

Utilizing our unique drag & drop tool, a customized design can be easily created. The beauty of this system is that one can choose from countless stock photographs, resize them, and utilize them in any menu to achieve the desired appearance and feel.

Graphics to Give an Elegant Touch to Any Template

Nento also provides a collection of stunning shapes that can be utilized within any menu to enhance its design. Graphics such as shapes, foods, beverages, and so on are available to enhance any digital menu board.

Custom Background Color/Image

To simply provide a modern touch to any digital menu board, one can either place a personalized photo in the background, pick from thousands of readily available backgrounds, or choose a background color that works well with any brand look.

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Nento Signage FAQs

What is a Digital Menu Board?

A digital menu board is a cloud-based system that displays menus and information regarding the various deals and offers available at a restaurant or other businesses.

Does Nento offer any pre-made templates?

Yes, we have predefined menu board templates that anyone can edit and customize as needed.

Will I be charged if I utilize the ready-made templates?

No, we don’t charge for using predefined templates. These templates may be used as often as you like once you have secured your subscription with us.

How do you make a Digital Menu Board?

It is usually a good idea to use cloud-based software to manage all of your digital screens. If you have multiple screens, this is the ideal solution. By using a cloud-based digital signage software system, the same menus can be distributed to multiple screens. Menu changes are similarly simple to implement. Simply upload your menu image/design, publish it, and it starts playing across all your screens.

How does a Digital Menu Board work?

Pen/USB/Thumb drives are the traditional way of delivering content to your screens. However, today, with cloud-based softwares available for menu updates, it is simple to upload photos of menus that can be displayed on digital screens. Prices and products can also be instantly changed. Once displayed on TV screens, the content plays continuously.

What are the hardware requirements?

Digital menu boards can be displayed on any TV screen. Additional hardware, such as an Android box, needs to be connected. If you have an Android TV, you can install the appropriate software to run Digital Menu Boards directly.

Looking For

promote coffee using menu boards

Restaurant Digital Signage

Let your customers know about the best meals and offers going on at your restaurant!

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pizza menu board on tv

Salon Digital Signage

Make your salon even more appealing and elegant with eye-catching displays.

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restaurant wayfinding signage

Showroom Digital Signage

Inform your customers regarding the latest products in stock as well as upcoming product launches or events.

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Get 2200+ Digital Menu Board Templates!

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