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Smart WiFi

Nento is not only WiFi but also Smart WiFi. It is, in effect, your marketing manager. It has all the data, information, analytics, charts and percentages about your customers.

Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program is especially targeted to the customers who are your regular customers. You can build a healthy relationship with your customers by acknowledging their presence.

Reputation Management

It is imperative that a business has as many positive reviews as it can manage. Hence, reputation management is a tool provided to you by the Nento Marketing hub.

Digital Signage

Signage is the tool to display various information such as customer reviews, menus, active offers for the day and much more. This keeps your customers well informed about the latest.

Automated SMS Marketing

The digital waiver enables your customers to sign a waiver form in less than 5 seconds. It also allows you to collect more information about your customers digitally.

Various Ways to Engage & Increase Your Customers Strategically

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Smart WiFi - Plug & Play

Is your WiFi making you money? Are you able to collect data with your current WiFi? Nento is not only WiFi but also Smart WiFi. It is, in effect, your marketing manager. It has all the data, information, analytics, charts and percentages about your customers.

Custom splash page builder
Guest Analytics
Repeat Guest Analytics
Bulk SMS Promotion
Smart Router with Preloaded Firmware
Easy to Understand Web Portal
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Loyalty Program

Have your customers coming back again with our easy to use loyalty program that does not require an App. The customer accepts the term and conditions and enters their phone number.

Customer rewards
Attract repeat customers
Customer analytics
Automated promotion messages
Ability to create multiple locations with analitic reports
Build multiple different loyalty programs according to your needs
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Reputation Management (Real Time)

Do you really know what customers think about your business? Reputation management is a robust feature of Nento Marketing Hub. It helps you get important reviews from your customers.

Realtime rating
Data collection
Automated marketing
Customized review forms
Deep analytics by day, month, and year
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Digital signage - Plug & Play

Digital signage helps you keep your customer informed digitally of menus, reviews, offer of the day, etc. Attract your customers through your digital presence.

Content management
Gentle & regular messages
Increase sales through offers
Change your offer with just a few clicks
Controll all your screens with a single user. Add, delete, or change any content immidiately
Plug in and play hardware beautifully designed predefined templates
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Automated SMS Marketing

Send automated messages to your subscribers after subscribing on a preset schedule, like email auto-responder work. Automatically send them a message by minute, hour, or days after they subscribe.

Easy to use templates
Customisable forms
Reports at a glance
Grow your database
Use different gadgets
Error free storage
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