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Nento Bluetooth TV APP enables seamless wireless connectivity, enhancing your TV experience with effortless audio streaming and control features.

Fed up with the inconvenience and annoyance of juggling multiple screens in your retail space? Numerous retailers encounter the issue of inadvertently affecting all screens while trying to manage just one. Here’s the solution you’ve been seeking – our state-of-the-art Bluetooth-controlled app. This pioneering technology empowers you to assume complete control of each screen individually, enabling effortless customization and management of your retail displays.

Quick Connect

Within seconds, the app will automatically detect nearby devices and establish WiFi connections with up to 10 of them simultaneously.

Effortless Pairing

While other devices often require a lengthy and cumbersome pairing process, our innovative Bluetooth app ensures instant connectivity, saving you valuable time with just a single click.

Connect 10 devices via WiFi

– Key Features

Individual Screen Control

  • Our app enables you to connect directly to each screen using Bluetooth technology.
  • Avoid the common issue of unintended changes on all screens when adjusting settings on just one.

Customizable Sections

  • Take control of specific sections on each screen. Adjust content, settings, or appearance without affecting the entire display.
  • erfect for highlighting promotions, changing product displays, or updating information on a specific area of your screens.
Nento Bluetooth TV App

TV Channel Management

  • Designate specific TV channels for each screen, giving you the flexibility to showcase different content simultaneously.
  • Easily switch between channels for targeted marketing and tailored customer experiences.

System Power

  • Turn on and off the entire system with ease using our app.
  • Save energy and resources by powering down screens during non-business hours or when not needed.

Scheduling Capabilities

  • Set customized schedules for each screen independently.
  • Automate screen activation and deactivation according to your business hours or specific promotional campaigns.
  • experience.

Our Bluetooth-controlled app is the game-changer your retail space needs. Take control of each screen independently, manage content effortlessly, and revolutionize the way you engage with your customers. Embrace the future of retail display management – experience the power of precise control with our innovative app today.