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Nento Bluetooth TV APP supports seamless wireless interfaces with easy audio streaming and control.

Tired of the nuisance and annoyance of controlling all those different screens in your retail space? Most retailers face the problem of unintentionally manipulating all screens while using just one. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: our high-tech Bluetooth-controlled app. You are going to take full control of every single screen – one by one; that is helpful in easy editing and superintending of all your retail displays.

Quick Connect

In seconds, the app will automatically detect the devices within your radius and set up the WiFi connections with up to 10 devices at once.

Effortless Pairing

Other devices similar to it are relatively complicated and cumbersome to pair, so with our ingenuity, through the Bluetooth app, connection time is brought down to almost nothing, all with just a single click.

Connect 10 devices via WiFi

– Key Features

Individual Screen Control

  • Each of our screens can be directly connected to Bluetooth through the technology of our application.
  • Avoid the annoying issue of undesired changes that occur in all displays when certain settings are changed on one of them.

Customizable Sections

  • Assign specific TV channels to each screen, allowing you the possibility to show different content at the same time.
  • Quickly switch and navigate between channels to target and deliver things that please customers.
Nento Bluetooth TV App

TV Channel Management

  • Take control over an area of the display. Alter content, settings or appearance without changing the whole screen.
  • Great for concentrating on promotions, changing product displays and updating information in one particular area of your displays.

System Power

  • Easily turn on or off the entire system with our app.
  • This can save energy and resources by turning the screens off during non-business hours, and say when they are not in use.

Scheduling Capabilities

  • Schedules can be tailor-made for each screen on an individual basis.
  • Automatically turn your screens on and off based on business hours, specific promotions, or campaigns.

Our Bluetooth-enabled app changes everything in your retail space. Control each screen, manage content in some easy steps, and change the way you interact with customers. This is the new level of accuracy—precision in control. Try our app today.