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Mycircle Digital Media Player

Custom Operating System

Unlike generic Android devices, our kiosk features a unique custom operating system developed from zero to guarantee the best performance, top-notch security, and user satisfaction.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Our firmware is a testament to our commitment to innovation. More than just guaranteed stability and support, it allows continuous improvement to keep our users in touch with the technology world’s latest.

Proprietary Firmware

Increase the level of control and convenience for each device with Bluetooth through our Nento app. So, the end user can toggle power, schedule tasks, reset settings, and so on without a hiccup.

Nento App Control

Get the Nento app, easy to manage and controllable right from the palm. Easy to manage every display to execute an action that includes turning on or off the display, timing on content updates, and ensuring the performance is of the best quality.

Centralized Management

Centralized management makes it easy to manage multiple devices from a single interface, which is convenient for a user with multiple installations.

Seamless Upgrades

Keep up with technology because, with our back-end, you will be able to do seamless firmware upgrades on your device, which will be always up-to-date with its features and enhanced qualities.

User Empowerment

Put the power in your users’ hands to control, set, and optimize their instruments. Experience should always be user-centric and user-adaptive to evolving needs.

Reliability and Stability

A combination of custom operating systems with regard to firmware for each unique device maximizes your reliability and stability, providing you with minimal downtime and maximum performance.

Mycircle Media Player USB Device