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Playlist Functionality

• Utilize the playlist feature for seamless blending of images, videos, and slideshows.
• Ensure a well-paced and visually appealing sequence.

Timing Precision

  • Time each content element for optimal display.

Remote Management

• Leverage our intuitive software interfaces for remote playlist management.
• Effortlessly send updates or modifications to digital menu boards in real-time.


  • Modify playlist content on the fly to accommodate changes in promotions or introduce new visuals from your phone or computer.

Dynamic Display

  • Orchestrate a captivating digital menu board experience that influences customer choices through visually compelling presentations.

Mycircle Menu Board Playlist
Digital Menu Board Editor

Unmatched Innovation

Surpasses current leading Digital Menu-Board companies.

Ease of Use

Unparalleled user-friendly interface.

Setting New Standards

Redefines the landscape of digital editing.

Creative Empowerment

Elevate your creative endeavors with unprecedented capabilities.

Game-Changing Platform

A visionary tool at the forefront of innovation.

Dynamic Visuals

Craft dynamic and engaging visuals.

Versatile Editing

Edit, modify, and animate any content with precision.

Layout Customization

Choose the size and position of layouts to suit your creative vision.

Multimedia Integration

Effortlessly add images, videos, music, and live TV channels for a dynamic presentation.

Remote Control

Manage and control content seamlessly from the convenience of a PC or mobile device.

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly Drag and drop for easy navigation and hassle-free content changes.

Versatile Control

Adjust layout configurations and size, media content, and settings with seconds.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Access and control the module from both PCs and mobile phones for added convenience.

Mycircle Screen Layout