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Digital signage proves a game-changer for 86% of restaurant owners, driving increased sales. Engaging visuals, real-time updates, targeted marketing, and adaptability to trends create an immersive dining experience. Cost-efficient and dynamic, it enhances brand identity and customer satisfaction, making it a valuable investment in the competitive restaurant industry.

Shortened checkout wait times bring joy to customers by reducing perceived delays. This enhancement in efficiency contributes to a positive overall experience, fostering satisfaction and loyalty. Streamlining the checkout process reflects a customer-centric approach, reinforcing the business’s commitment to providing swift and seamless service.

Digital signage ads drive a surge in average purchases, leveraging captivating visuals and targeted marketing. The dynamic displays entice customers, encouraging them to explore additional offerings and upgrades. This effective advertising strategy on digital screens enhances revenue streams, making it a profitable investment for businesses.

mycircle dashboard
mycircle dashboard
mycircle dashboard

#1 Easiest to Use

Just drag & drop to upload your photos and videos in seconds. Additionally, create droolworthy digital menu boards that boost sales with thousands of free stock images and videos from our Galleries.

Upload, edit and display content on all TVs remotely, from your PC, using our online platform, no matter where you are.

Unbeatable Price

Get an easy and professional signage solution with extremely affordable pricing plans that suit the budget of any business, large or small. Also, all our plans are feature-rich, which means you get great value for money.

Most importantly, you get free Yodeck Media Players when you subscribe to Annual plans.

Display Any Type of Content

Engineered for seamless playback of all media content, including videos, images, YouTube, doc files and scrolling text. Also, add free Yodeck Apps to your playlists and layouts, to show local weather forecasts, clocks, news and sports feeds.

Got a pub, diner or bar and your regulars want to see sports events while enjoying their beer? Switch from signage content to live TV, or simultaneously show live or cable TV along with your signage promos & ads inside a screen layout.


The Yodeck Media Player comes pre-configured with your Wi-Fi credentials, and also includes all the cables you need, too. So, just plug it in and get great digital menu boards on screen in minutes.

Extreme Security

Your security is our priority. With enterprise-grade features such as SSL, firewall and password policies, as well as Player lockdown and storage encryption, your data is safe. So you know your digital signage deployment meets the highest security standards.

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Digital menu board
Digital menu board
Digital menu board
Digital menu board
Digital menu board