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Keep Customers Coming Back

Nento can transform the way you connect with your customers and dramatically increase your business. You can now easily collect customer information and have the tools to engage with them and encourage them to come back to your establishment.

  1. Easy To Set Up - You do not need any special programming skills. Simply plug in your modem into our router and you are set to go. 
  2. Great Customer Experience -Your customers will appreciate the use of your free wifi. You can reward them with special offers and more. 
  3. Increase Your Business - Your marketing runs on autopilot. You easily capture your customer's email address and you can see when and how often they frequent your establishment. With Nento you can choose to email your customers with offers on any schedule you choose (upon signing in, upon leaving your establishment, in a weeks time, etc). You have full control over your business and you will experience an increase in growth.

Get To Know Your Customers

Nento makes it easy to grow your business!


 Easy To Set Up And Send

You can easily connect with your guests with configurable marketing messages to keep bringing your customers back!


 Easily Design And Customize Your Messages

You have full control over what you would like to send to your customers.  You can easily customize and manage everything from the splash page, data allowance/wifi time allowance and more from any computer.


 Easily Grow Your Marketing List 

Capture a valuable marketing list with accurate customer information such as email, phone number and Facebook data from opt-in engagement.


Instant and valuable data collection! Your customer signs in to use your free wifi and you have now captured their data. You will be able to see how long they stay at your establishment and how often they frequent your place of business.


Grow Your Business.


5 Times Faster Data Collection

Our system is more effective than traditional methods.


Upto 70 % Business Growth

Dramatically see an increase in your business as a direct result of Nento Wifi.


50 Percent Increase In Customer Info

Increase your customer database. Nento will turn your hotspot into a valuable email capturing/marketing tool.


Automate Your Marketing

It's never been easier. With Nento you can schedule email marketing campaigns to your customers any way you like.


Simply plug in your Nento access point and your customers can enjoy free, secure wifi at your establishment.

Customer Interaction

Collect your customer's info and you can send them offers through our automated tools.


Instantly see all the important data. You can see your customer's interaction with email campaigns, how long they frequented your establishment and more. Export your data easily as a .csv file.

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