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In the rapidly changing world of dining, technology has played the most vital role that can never be denied in shaping the experience for customers. In the wake of all these, which rolled out recently, Nento works as an avant-garde medium to channel restaurant menus into TV screens, among other all-inclusive media. This has poured fresh wine into the dreary conversation that happens around the dining table, where its revolutionary process enhances the dining experience but also provides restaurants with a very powerful tool to engage and attract customers. In this blog, we unravel how Nento is changing the game in terms of viewing restaurant menus and countless benefits it extends to restaurateurs and diners.

The Concept Behind Nento

Nento is conceptualized based on the very simplistic yet powerful concept: to make menus of restaurants more engaging and accessible to customers through a television screen. The founders of Nento realized very early that traditional paper menus and even mobile delivery of digital menus have their shortcomings and are suboptimal. There is a good reason for any given printed menu to go out of date, and the actual existence of digital menus may be cumbersome on small screens. Nento solves both problems to the root. Large TV screens present menus in their dynamic and visually interactive avatars.

How It Works

Nento operates by integrating into any television inside a restaurant. The whole process goes as follows:

  1. Integration and Setup: Nento fits easily into the existing TV systems of restaurants. The process for setting up the product is not complex, as the restaurants install the Nento app on their smart TV or use a streaming device provided by Nento with respect to non-smart TV.
  2. Menu Management: The restaurateur manages their menu via the Nento web portal. The web portal provides an option for real-time updates. With this option, you can make a change in the menu list, and the TV screens will display only the changed list. A change can be done at any time, be it updating the menu for the daily special, adding a new meal, or modifying the price on a specific meal.
  3. Customization: Nento means extensive customization. A restaurant can design its own menu displays to reflect the aesthetics of its brand, and even the menus can include restaurant promotional videos; this way, Nento will create a single brand experience.
  4. Interaction: Diners can interact with the menu using the remote control or even their smartphones. They will be able to navigate to different sections, check out detailed descriptions of dishes, take a look at high-resolution images, or see the video of how a certain dish is cooked.

Benefits for Restaurateurs

Nento onboarding offers many real-time benefits to the restaurateur, some of them are as follows:

  1. Improved Customer Interaction: Turns a not-so-dynamic menu into a game changer. Interact with customers to entice and influence their order decisions with appetizing pictures and videos of the dishes. Interactive features allow customers to browse and explore the menu at their ease.
  2. Sales Drive and Upselling: With Nento, a restaurateur can upsell any special dish, offer, or combo pack on the menu. For example, when a customer clicks on an ‘entrée’ item, Nento might recommend other food categories, like side dishes, beverages, or desserts. This is strategic and helps boost the average order value by over 20%.
  3. Zero Menu Update Time: Nento spares the trouble of a restaurateur. The cost of print menus can be saved; update the menu in real time. Instant menu changes on the screen can be made for a sold-out item, a new seasonal dish, or price changes.
  4. Reduced Costs: The direct costs of using Nento technology may be high, but it provides effective cost savings. The money spent on printing and reprinting the menu is saved. Instant updates help reduce waste and ensure that no customer views outdated information.
  5. Increased Efficiency of Operations: Integrating Nento with any restaurant management system will ensure real-time updates for menu items, synchronized with the kitchen, so the staff will know the items it needs to pick from there on the menu. This way, the mistakes will reduce, and the entire restaurant’s efficiency will increase.

Benefits for Diners

While Nento has an extraordinary litany of benefits for restaurateurs, it also changes the perspective of a customer that enters a restaurant utilizing one. Here is a list of some of these benefits:

  1. Visual Appeal and Clarity: Conventional menus can be stodgy and hard to read, with small fonts and clustered text. Nento’s TV menus are elegant and visually appealing. Clarity is provided sufficiently because of the high-definition pictures and videos of the dishes placed in the menu for the customer to refer to.
  2. Interactivity: Nento is creating a full interactive menu-browsing experience for your customer. Through remote controls or smartphone applications, in a single set, the customer can get a description of the food in terms of wordings and even view the videos associated with the food preparation. The menu will pop up on the screen for further customer interaction.
  3. Accessible: To many customers with visual impairments, the small print on many traditional menus poses a challenge to perusing it. Nento’s large-screen format display is on TV, so everyone can read the menu. It can be integrated with features of text-to-speech, providing a whole other level of accessibility.
  4. Well-Informed Decisions: In addition, customers can make well-informed decisions pertaining to the descriptions and ingredient lists, which is an important factor for someone with restrictions based on dietary requirements or allergies. Nutritional information for health-conscious consumers can also be displayed by Nento.
  5. Convenience: For repeat/most patrons, Nento would have past orders stored and suggest some favorites at the time of ordering, thereby making it far more convenient for a diner. This personal touch can definitely encourage greater customer loyalty.

Real-World Applications and Success Stories

There are a number of restaurants already using Nento and benefiting from it. Following are some interesting case studies that show the scope of the solution.

1.      Gourmet Bistro:

Gourmet Bistro is a high-end restaurant known for its culinary skills and finesse. Nento in its first week of implementation helped the restaurant grow the average order value by 20%. After watching all the mouthwatering images and videos, the customer cannot resist ordering the higher-priced delicacies. Gradually, the restaurant started getting accolades from customers for such an interactive and visual menu.

2.      Family Diner:

Family Diner is a casual dining restaurant primarily known for its comfort foods and atmosphere. It helped customers have a unique and flawless experience by offering real-time updating of menus. The restaurant reported a 60% decrease in order errors and improved overall customer satisfaction with an interactive menu that also keeps children entertained.

3.      Vegan Delight:

Vegan Delight was a hip vegan restaurant, and it used Nento to bring forth its unique dishes and educate consumers about plant-based cuisine. It measured a 15% increase in new customer visits in just three months after deploying the technology.

Future Prospects

Now, the potential of Nento extends far beyond these applications. With technology growing, expect more sophisticated features and integrations that make the dining experience even much more thrilling. Here are a few very exciting future prospects:

1. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration

Imagine pointing your phone at a dish/item from a menu and seeing an augmented reality representation on your screen. Imagine if this experience could really turn up all the way and give a 360-degree view of the dish.

2. Personalized Recommendations

Nento could use data analytics and machine learning to provide customers with menu recommendations based on their past orders, their dietary preferences—or the most innovative—based on their current mood. The level of personalization it brings to the customer is simply fantastic towards a good dining experience.

3. Voice Control

Integrating voice features on how to navigate through the menu or place orders would further make Nento accessible and convenient for its customers. All customers need to do is speak out their order or ask more about a dish in order to place an order.

4. Integration with Delivery Services

Nento can integrate with online ordering platforms so a customer can browse the menus for different restaurants on his home TV screen and place an order for delivery directly from the Nento interface.


Nento is changing the way restaurant menus will be viewed, being brought to life on TV screens. The platform has numerous benefits for both restaurateurs and diners, from enhanced engagement with customers and increasing sales to accessibility and convenience. As technology keeps advancing, the potential for Nento to revolutionize the dining experience in many other ways has no bounds. With this state-of-the-art solution, restaurants are able to make very early strides towards revamping the dining experience and ensure that the future holds an attractive dining experience that will charm their customers, thus growing a business eventually.

Nento is racing towards a revolutionary experience with customer experience at its core—a dine-in of tomorrow. The more the restaurants on this kind of technology, the more the developing landscape of dining becomes what it needs to be—not just a listing of dishes but an experience that takes the joy of dining out to the next level.